App School for Xcode and iOS 10 Development Free App Reviews

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Quite good

This is a free sample of 6 lessons out of a quite few more in the full paid app. Judging by the quality and amount of good information in those initial lessons I am convinced to buy the full app. The way the app is designed is quite excellent. There is a video of the lesson and then there is a PDF file that can be viewed from within the app (very nice feature) and the PDF has the details of the code along with images from the video. The code can be cut and pasted to save you time typing the stuff… although I think having to type the code is a good way to learn it, but it will save you a lot of typing if you wish to do so. I am going to buy the full app because even the free one was educational and very nice… so I want more and it looks like it is worth the small price.

Free teaser ...

This version is a free teaser version which doesn’t even get you started with anything. Just shows a few videos, somewhere in the middle of a course and keeps reminding you to “go Pro” … No thanks.

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